Deal-by-deal SPVs

Build a customized venture capital portfolio

Access any of our investment opportunities and only invest in the ones that fit your personal criteria.

Access deals sourced by VC veterans

We broke down barriers so that accredited investors of any size, not just institutions, can invest in VC opportunities. And alongside a team that has been investing in tech for over 20 years.


VC funds that target a single company

Every time Brightspark invests in a new company, we create a new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Limited Partnership Fund that is open to accredited investors.

Our approach

Providing access to VC with the best of both worlds

Get the benefits of investing like a VC firm:

  • Deal flow highly diligenced by professional VCs
  • Invest alongside reputable institutions
  • Same terms as institutions (e.g. rights, valuation)
  • Professional reporting and statements
  • Managed by VCs working to maximize the investment
  • Passive investing: no need for your active involvement
With the perks of deal-by-deal investing:

  • Free access to deal flow
  • Low minimums make it easy to diversify
  • Flexibility to customize your portfolio
  • Fast and paperless investment process
  • Personalized investor support
  • Join a community of like-minded investors

Join network of 5,000+ investors and start investing today