Posted by Brightspark on Aug 27, 2019

For Brightspark, building a Platform strategy meant evaluating the current value-add we offered and establishing new initiatives to support our current and future portfolio. We interviewed our founders and worked backwards to identify gaps and areas of improvement (more on that later). And, staying true to our firm’s philosophy, we ensured that our vision for new Platform projects would not be at the expense of the highly relevant, meaningful value that we provide to the individual companies in our portfolio.

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Posted by Mark Skapinker on Jul 09, 2019

An unprecedented number of new tech startups continue to emerge in Canada, and many of them are pushing the envelope in markets that tech investors never would have considered (or had access to) in the past.

As Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz told Bloomberg, “stop thinking about technology as something separate and apart from other companies or industries.”

So, how can you be a successful tech investor when everything is tech?

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Posted by Brightspark on Nov 22, 2018

With 7,000 attendees from 170 countries, 1,200 speakers and over 2,000 startups participating - the Web Summit conference is a unique playground for tech investors like us to keep in touch with current global trends, learn from different industry leaders, mingle with other investors from around the globe, and widen our horizons.

In this post, we have summarized our Venture team's main takeaways, a few of our favorite keynotes, and best memories from Lisbon.

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Posted by Sophie Forest on Nov 20, 2018

This episode deals with what we affectionately call the “teenage years” of VC investments. Just like teens, early-stage companies go through ups and downs, including periods of high pressure and uncertainty – they are trying to figure out who they want to be when they grow up. A big part of Sophie Forest’s role as Managing Partner is to work with founders in our portfolio through their company’s formative years. Being a mother to teenage daughters, she shares some of the parallels between being a VC and a parent.

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Posted by Éléonore Jarry-Ferron on Sep 18, 2018

Brightspark is broadening its investment focus. While the core of what we do is – and will remain – investing in Series A stage companies, we are moving up and down the VC investment pipeline. In the future, you will likely see us placing extra-selective bets on pre-Seed/Seed companies, as well as backing more mature companies at an early growth stage.

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Posted by Brightspark on Sep 17, 2018

Episode 1 is about creating proprietary deal flow and relationships in venture capital. In a thriving tech ecosystem like Canada, finding great companies to invest in isn’t the challenge - finding those deals before anyone else is. In today’s episode, Alex and Eleonore discuss finding and creating proprietary deal flow, and the importance of relationships in venture capital.

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Posted by Mark Skapinker on Aug 31, 2018

How a venture capitalist prepares for a potential economic downturn.

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