The “Facebook Generation” is Redefining the Workplace

Posted by Mark Skapinker on Jul 21, 2016

There used to be a major difference between the way we used computers at home and in the office. As a younger generation entered the workforce, the lines between “work tech” and “play tech” have blurred to the extent that it’s almost completely disappeared. Gone is the distinction between using business software and personal applications.

More so, this new generation has little to no patience for old-school enterprise software systems. If the interface is not completely intuitive and the program doesn’t immediately meet their expectations, tough luck — they simply move on to something else. For that reason, smart employers are saying goodbye to old-school business systems, and hello to app-like software.

Marc Andeerson says that “software is eating the world” and workplaces are not exempt from this phenomenon. When we invested in Hubba, we were very excited by their idea of taking something as complex as the internal management of product information, and making it as simple to use as an app like Facebook. In fact, the Hubba software and UI mirrors many of the social network’s most intuitive features such as dragging and dropping, commenting, and even has a “newsfeed” way of displaying products and updates. Now, marketing managers can oversee their data using a system that’s as easy and intuitive as the apps they know and love. Presumably, it’s the secret behind Hubba’s 7 million product attributes and counting!

We also invested in nGUVU — a solution aimed at Gen X and Millennial employees that work in call centers. They get bored, lack motivation and turnover is massive as a result. nGUVU uses gamification, artificial intelligence and a flawless UI to make these employees’ everyday tasks more fun and engaging. As a result, call center employees feel empowered, are more collaborative and the company’s business goals are easier met.

Recently, we met with the team at Nudge Rewards and were thrilled to see a similar idea, this time addressing frontline communication and engagement. The Nudge Rewards app uses real-time delivery of information, so that management can ensure that their employees are receiving and understanding the exact information they need them to know. The app’s UI is as intuitive as the familiar day-to-day products that the new workforce uses, and the results speak for themselves: One of their customers achieved a 80% employee adoption rate within the first 24 hours of deployment.

The key to adoption is to seamlessly integrate the use of the app into these employee’s “everyday tech ritual”. When this new generation has ten minutes to spare, it’s likely that they will look at Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram — and repeat this ritual many times in a day. Now, they can effortlessly add apps like Nudge to the mix, and that’s a powerful habit to create.

As this “always-on” world becomes even more connected, we expect this trend of products to scale up and become a integral part of the next generation’s workforce.

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