Brightspark Canadian Opportunities Fund

A passive approach to diversified venture capital

Make a one-time investment in a Fund that is investing in a portfolio of multiple early-stage tech companies.
How it works

One investment, multiple companies


Invest in a Limited Partnership fund that will invest in 15 to 25 private early and growth-stage Canadian tech companies. 


You commit to the fund and send your capital through capital calls over multiple years. Our team will invest in early-stage companies over the lifetime of the fund (approx. 10 years).

  • High-growth Canadian tech companies
  • Industries targeting global and growing markets
  • Board representation, hands-on governance
  • Reserving capital for follow-on investments
  • Multi-stage with a focus on early-growth (Series A), occasional Seed and later-stage growth

The minimum investment in the fund is $C100,000. 

 Note that 10% of the investment due on commitment, and capital calls thereafter. The most likely pace for capital calls will be approximately 20% per year for 5 years.

We charge a 2% annual management fee to cover our team's due diligence and ongoing involvement with the investment.

We earn 20% as carried interest on the profits of the fund.

Investors in the fund make money if and when one of the companies that the fund has invested in goes through a liquidation event.

The Canadian Federal Government has announced that it will commit to the fund through the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI) program. This commitment comes with unique incentives where private investors receive money back before VCCI receives any returns.

You should know that:

  • Usually, a liquidation event takes the form of an acquisition or an IPO
  • The average time before a company exits is 5-7 years, but this varies
  • There is currently no secondary market for Brightspark investments, making them illiquid
  • Returns are not guaranteed. VC investments are very risky, and you could lose your entire investment

Brightspark's venture team reviews prospective investments and conducts thorough due diligence on potential portfolio companies, leveraging our vast network of advisors and technical experts. Of the thousands of companies we see every year, we select a small fraction to conduct significant due diligence, and only invest in a very small percentage that meets our criteria.

Meet our team

Team & track record: The Fund is led by one of the most experienced teams in Canada with a proven ability to generate strong financial returns. Through our network and connections, our team has access to proprietary deal flow in Canada.

Lowered barriers to entry: $100k minimum investment threshold (10% due on commitment, capital calls of approximately 20% per year for 5 years thereafter).

Unique and unprecedented incentive: Downside protection and improved timing of returns

Ability to flex up in a specific investment with our deal-by-deal investment model.


Fund investors can choose to “flex up” their investment exposure to a specific portfolio company that has a unique appeal to them. This allows Brightspark investors the unprecedented opportunity to customize their portfolio weights if they so choose. This is a feature that is not offered by traditional VC firms.

Venture capital investments involve a high level of risk, and investors could lose all of their investment. The best way to offset the risk is to build a diversified portfolio of multiple VC investments.

You can read our full risk disclaimer here

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Looking for a more hands-on approach?

Our model for individual investments provides the ability to invest on a deal-by-deal basis. Review opportunities and invest in those that fit your own criteria.