Welcoming Matt He at Brightspark

Posted by Éléonore Jarry-Ferron on May 10, 2021

Hiring at Brightspark is no joke — we cherry pick our colleagues with the same diligence (if not more) as we do for our investments. Sophie and Mark live by the motto: “hire slowly, fire fast”.

So it is a big deal for us to welcome Matt He as an Investment Analyst. It is an even bigger deal for me because this is a solid proof-point that Front Row Ventures is building incredible young VC talent in Canada.

Matt ran Front Row Ventures’ Quebec Investment Team for two years. During that time, I watched him hustle and grow leadership skills that are rare for someone that age.

Matt was one of the best things to ever happen to Front Row Ventures. He went above and beyond his role and operated with the same care, dedication and obsession as if he had founded the organization himself. Very few people have that true entrepreneurial mindset. When Matt reached out saying he was soon graduating and wanted to continue in VC, I knew Brightspark had to grab him and nurture him.

Matt shares many of the qualities I most appreciate about my Brightspark colleagues:

  • Highest level of respect and accountability towards the team, founders and LPs
  • Continuous chase of self-growth and improvement
  • Genuine curiosity for all things tech and venture
  • Ability to process high volumes of information, capture the big picture and pinpoint what matters most
  • Asking the right questions, even when they are hard questions to ask

The Brightspark partners gave me the best mentorship I could have asked for when I started at the firm. Junior members have a true voice in the firm. It is in the Brightspark’s DNA to train the next generation of high-performing fund managers — and I think Matt will be one of them!

If you’re in the industry and want to get to know Matt, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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