Our Approach

A unique approach that works for us, our portfolio companies and our investors.

We invest in Canada's best tech startups

Brightspark has been investing in the Canadian VC industry since 1999. Over the last 20 years, we have refined our focus to the point where we choose what we believe to be the best early-stage opportunities in the market. Our goal is to find exceptional startups, and work closely with these companies as they grow to achieve stellar returns.

We have structured our investments to allow individual accredited investors to invest with us. We have found that individual investors share the same goals as us when investing: they too want to invest in startups with CEOs that are focused on creating massive returns.

This model also benefits our portfolio companies, who appreciate having a network of investors they don’t necessarily have to "manage". By leading the investment and actively working as the gatekeeper for the company, Brightspark ensures that the company can grow to its full potential without being distracted or becoming unfocused. This model attracts some of the best companies in Canada.

Our approach is a win-win-win. With aligned interest in these investments, Brightspark is unlocking new capital in the market, from sources unlike any other traditional institutional investor in VC.

Unprecedented access for individual investors

Traditionally, the best early-stage investments are seen (and scooped up) by VCs, large institutional funds and a handful of ultra-wealthy angel investors. This means that they are notoriously difficult to access for the common investor.

At Brightspark, we make these investment opportunities available to Canadian accredited investors.

We carefully source, diligence and curate the investments we present to our investors. Typically, Brightspark reviews hundreds of companies a year and invests in the less than 1%. We spend months on diligence to be able to adequately choose these investments.

Our investors are then invited to choose the companies that interest them and make individual investments starting at $10k (with typical investments $25-$50k). We invest in every deal at the same terms as our investors to make sure that our interests are always aligned with theirs.

When an investment closes, our work truly begins

We know the inner workings of a startup. From managing traditional VC funds, leading an incubator, and starting/operating companies, the Brightspark partners know the industry inside out. This means that we are able to play an active role in the companies we invest in and help guide them to success. We have the same goals as our investors – our prize is a great return on our investment.

Our investors are always surprised to hear that we spend 80-90% of our time with portfolio companies after we make an investment.