This extension of the Brightspark family brings invaluable expertise. Here are a few of our advisors, the brightest in their respective fields:

Tony Davis

CEO & Founder, Jewlr

In 1996, he saw the potential of “push technology” and established Lanacom, a Toronto-based Internet company which he served as founder, president and CEO before the company was acquired a year later. Continuing to innovate, Tony co-founded Delano Technology in 1988 to bring to market the industry’s first e-mail application server. Over the course of his tenure he oversaw the company’s first product rollout, and its successful IPO on the NASDAQ in less than two years.

He was one of Brightspark’s co-founders, and worked as one of the Brightspark managing partners for twelve years. He drove the charge in Brightspark portfolio company Jewlr, where he continues to lead as CEO.