The CEOs of companies in our portfolio, some Brightspark alumni, and other members of our family.

Randy Busch

CEO, Jazinga

Randy is a seasoned technology start-up executive with experience guiding companies through idea generation, business planning, fundraising, growth, acquisition and integration. Focusing on strategic planning, product management and go-to-market strategies, Randy’s experience spans a range of markets from large enterprise systems to mass-market consumer products and online services.

Randy was the CEO of Jazinga Inc., a telecommunications start-up targeting SOHO and small businesses.

Prior to Jazinga, Randy was the SVP of Marketing at Tira Wireless helping raise more than $25 million in Venture Capital funding and growing the mobile deployment and application publishing company from an idea to an enterprise of more than 200 people in less than 4 years.

Before joining Tira Wireless, Randy was part of the managing team at Brightspark Labs, a seed investor and technology incubator where he shared his time and experience across a number of companies. He also held senior product and marketing positions with Broadbase, Servicesoft, Delrina, Imara Research and QW Page Associates.

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