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Your partner through and through

We know that your journey will have many ups and downs - as former operators, we've been there ourselves. We like to invest early, and we aim to be your first phone call through it all.

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What we look for when evaluating companies

Finding the right match is more of an art than a science. Here are the general criteria that we look for:


Our #1 criteria. We look for domain experts and we have a sweet spot for repeat entrepreneurs

Tech Industries

We are industry-agnostic, but look for markets where significant dollars are being spent and increasing.


Our preferred investment stage is Pre-Series A – a company with a product in the market and customers.


We invest in companies based in Canada, coast-to-coast


"We look for need-to-have solutions, not nice-to-have. Painkillers; not vitamins"

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We love meeting passionate teams

The best introductions come through someone we know, and we highly recommend that you first look for a referral.

If you can’t find one, please connect with us using the button below or email

Include in your submission:

  • A short elevator pitch 
  • Pitch deck or business summary doc
  • Tell us how you heard about Brightspark
  • Your contact information

Our preferred investment stage is Pre-Series A, meaning that your company has a product in the market, some early traction and real customers. We do make exceptions, and sometimes invest at an earlier or slightly later stage. Most of the new companies we invest in have previously raised a small angel round. 

We often support our companies with follow-on investing, and we reserve amounts of capital for our follow-on investments.

No – while our investments tend to cluster around SaaS, enterprise, consumer, hardware, fintech and AI – we invest across all tech industries that are redefining the future. 

No - We tend to focus exclusively on companies based in Canada because that is where we have the most experience, the strongest network, and where can be the most valuable partners. 

Here's how our model works: We operate as a traditional VC, and we invite accredited investors to invest with us in our portfolio companies either through our standard Fund or through a Limited Partnership model. Individual investors don’t have information rights, and aren’t directly on your cap table.

Our portfolio companies appreciate having a network of investors they don’t necessarily have to "manage". By leading the investment and actively working as the gatekeeper for your company, Brightspark ensures that you can grow to your full potential without being distracted or becoming unfocused.

Our model also has potential benefits: Some of our accredited individual investors could have connections/expertise or become potential customers. We will proactively facilitate these discussions and relationships, but no individual will ever contact you without an introduction from us. You will also have the opportunity to connect with the network and the LPs in your company at exclusive events such as our annual AGM and investor meetups.