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Protecode is an innovative provider of products and services for open source licensing and security vulnerability management.

Protecode was acquired by Synopsys (NASDAQ: SNPS) in 2015.

Protecode produces products and services that detect, identify and track external content within a software project and establish intellectual property ownership.

Protecode was founded by a successful repeat entrepreneur from Ottawa, Mahshad Koohgoli.  Previously, Mahshad was the founder of a number of start-ups in the Ottawa region, his latest being Nimcat, a telecommunications start-up sold to Avaya in 2005.

Protecode makes IP tracking part of the software development process. It provides an incremental IP management solution that is unobtrusive, transparent, and assures ownership of intellectual property. Protecode’s unique solution creates pedigree records that show the development and evolution of a piece of software with respect to IP ownership and licensure. Protecoding resolves IP ownership risks and clarifies background vs. foreground IP uncertainties in collaborative projects. A global Intellectual Property Database further establishes authorship, ownership, and licensing information for the software project. Protecode solution integrates easily and non-disruptively into a development environment, and quietly produces the signatures that serve to authenticate and protect the intellectual property ownership and licensure.


The Protecode Team


Mahshad Koohgoli

CEO, Protecode

Mahshad was the founder and CEO of Protecode. With more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, his specialty is in technology start-up businesses. To date, he has successfully managed four companies from the ground up and holds several patents in the computer and communications field.

Before Protecode, Mahshad was the founder and CEO of Nimcat Networks (acquired by Avaya in 2005) and founder of Spacebridge Networks and Lantern Communications Canada.

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