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Nudge Rewards

Nudge helps companies with large and decentralized workforces to effectively communicate corporate information to employees.

These 200M+ frontline employees often miss out on important news, promotions, sales and operational content because companies fail to engage with them through traditional means.

Nudge addresses this problem head-on by providing a powerful platform that harnesses the power of employee’s smartphones, habits and a powerful analytics back-end to streamline communication and engagement.

Nudge Rewards is:

  • An easy-to-use mobile app that uses push notifications to deliver need-to-know information to employees. It delivers real-time information, drives knowledge and ensures flawless execution. Gamification and rewards provide long-term engagement.
  • A powerful back-end management and analytics platform that is used to set objectives and measure results. This makes it easy for organizations to deliver concise information, gather and analyze meaningful data, and achieve demonstrable results.

Nudge is helping leading brands across foodservice, retail, automotive and heavy industries deliver unprecedented results. Initial product focus has been helping companies increase sales, and brands have seen 100%+ average lift in product sales.

The company is experiencing tremendous growth and fantastic customer traction with big name brands such as Rogers, Home Depot, TELUS, Walmart, Coca-Cola Enterprise, and Mercedes-Benz. With a team of proven leaders, Nudge is extremely well positioned to deliver exponential growth and capture a meaningful portion of this $8B global market.

The Nudge Rewards Team


Lindsey Goodchild

CEO, Nudge Rewards

The team was founded by CEO Lindsey Goodchild and CTO Dessy Daskalov in 2012 when both women were employed respectively by a consulting firm and technology development shop. Since then, Nudge has built out an enthusiastic team with many experienced hires including COO Mike Amos and VP of Business Development Jordan Ekers.

Lindsey is a dynamic, motivated, and results-oriented entrepreneur. She brings exceptional organizational, research, and communication skills to the team.

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Dessy Daskalov

Co-Founder and CTO

Dessy has built numerous web and mobile applications from the ground up, including Social Venture Exchange (MaRS team), ole Conductor (enterprise software). As a consultant, she contributed to large enterprise software used by thousands of people for critical tasks.

She has deep technical knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Backbone.js, Objective C and iOS, Java and Android development, C# and .NET, HTML and CSS, MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server.

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Jordan Ekers

VP of Business Development

A recognized entrepreneur, Jordan has spent his career building business that applies new behaviour change solutions for the enterprise, and consumer market. Prior to helping launch Nudge, Jordan was the Co-Founder of AIR MILES for Social Change and Social Change Rewards, both designed to harness incentives and smartphone technology to drive consumer behaviour change.

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Mike Amos

Chief Strategy Officer/ Chief Operating Officer

Mike brings a breadth of experience to the Nudge Management Team, most notably as the Founder and CEO of Empathica – the 3rd largest global provider of Voice of the Customer software. Mike spearheaded the growth of Empathica to become a dominant player in the VOC space with over 300 employees and operations globally with over ~$20M ARR in the exact same target vertical as Nudge.

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Product Description

1. The Nudge Rewards Team Performance Platform

Nudge Rewards helps companies increase sales and profitability by dramatically improving the performance of their decentralized workforce around any KPI. The platform combines and harnesses two of our most powerful social habits - smartphones and rewards - to guide, measure, educate and ultimately reward employees for exceptional performance.

Utilizing an outcome-based approach, Nudge helps organizations improve any KPI in the business, whether it’s a Net Promoter Score, or the sales of a particular product or promotion. An organization simply chooses a KPI, designs a campaign, launches Nudge Rewards to the team and evaluates the results versus a control group.

2. The Nudge Rewards Smartphone Application

The smartphone application gives managers a direct-communication channel with employees to launch KPI-based challenges, deliver critical information, evaluate employee knowledge, share best practices throughout the team and ultimately reward performance.

3. The Nudge Rewards CMS & Enterprise Reporting Platform

The content management and enterprise reporting platform allows an organization to deliver targeted content and campaigns to segments of the business. More importantly,through analytics, organizations can also evaluate whether or not individuals/teams are consuming and understanding the content, and how this knowledge correlates to real performance metrics.

The enterprise reporting gives organizations the ability to anticipate stores and teams performance and will identify outliers for timely, and continuous improvement.

Product Screenshots

Demo Video