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WinFax. The most successful communication software of its time. Delrina shipped over 40 million copies of WinFax. Everyone who used a computer in the early 90's remembers having WinFax on their computer.

Delrina had a successful IPO on the TSE and Nasdaq, and was sold to Symantec in 2005.

Mark Skapinker co-founded Delrina in 1988. The company was best known for its WinFax software package, which turned computers into fax machines.

WinFax was originally conceived of and authored by Brightspark co-founder Tony Davis in 1990,

By 1994, almost 100 companies were bundling versions of WinFax, and Delrina shipped over 40 million copies of WinFax. By late 1994 the firm was considered one of the fastest-growing software companies in North America, and employed over 500 people, most located at its offices in Toronto.

In September 1995 Delrina was acquired by Symantec in a stock deal worth $415 million US.