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Classcraft is an online educational software tool for teachers and students aimed at improving student engagement and the classroom dynamic. Classcraft’s mission is to transform the learning experience by using game mechanics to engage students and provide teachers with well-designed tools to do so.

Classcraft re-imagines learning as a collaborative online game. It enables students to become better learners as they level up, work in teams, and earn privileges to help them succeed.

Educators and researchers agree that students learn much better when they are motivated. Studies in education show that the needs fulfilled by video games are actually the same factors that one has to take into account to stimulate motivation in learning.

Classcraft empowers students to take control of their learning process. It fosters significant relationships by reinforcing teamwork and collaboration rather than competition. It’s pervasive and affects all aspects of a student’s life. It’s fun because unexpected things happen during gameplay. This makes for a learning experience that adds a layer of meaning and engagement to a student’s school experience.

The Classcraft Team


Shawn Young

CEO and co-founder

Shawn Young is CEO and co-founder of Classcraft. He is also the game’s lead designer and developer. Shawn has been an educator for the last 11 years.

With a unique background in physics, education, gamification and web development, he’s interested in how we can create community in the classroom and how games can make learning fun and interactive. Shawn is also a seasoned web developer working for clients such as Chanel; The Future of Storytelling Summit; Carnaval de Sherbrooke, Hydo-Quebec; and The Feast Social Innovation Conference and often teaming up with his brother Devin.

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Devin Young

Chief Creative Officer and co-founder

Devin is CCO and co-founder of Classcraft. Devin focuses his efforts on design and communications, and leads the efforts within the illustration, community and outreach teams.

His expertise centers around UX and UI design, experience design, branding, social media and print. Passionate about innovation related to the arts and technology, he is at his best when helping his clients thrive by identifying and leveraging new opportunities in the digital landscape.

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