Posted by Brightspark on Nov 29, 2016

Le 24 novembre dernier, Brightspark Ventures, 500 Startups Canada ainsi que les CEOs de Hopper et AmpMe ont tenu un panel à Montréal pour discuter d’investissement dans de jeunes compagnies technologiques. Plus de 50 investisseurs et professionnels se sont joints à nous pour discuter de stratégies et conseils en matière de capital de risque.

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Posted by Sophie Fores on Nov 21, 2016

Last week, I presented at an AGM of a large institutional Fund from Toronto. Out of the dozens presenters, a mix of tech companies and Funds, I was the only woman. This situation did not surprise me at all and I find that worrisome. For 20 years, I have been the only managing partner of a VC fund in Canada and I have often been the only woman at Board meetings.

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Posted by Brightspark on Nov 04, 2016

Here's what you missed in our monthly newsletter! Check out portfolio highlights, event invitations and latest news in this November edition!

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Posted by Jonathan Latsky on Nov 04, 2016

Modern Portfolio Theory is an investing framework that paradoxically maximizes returns with correspondingly low risk. While counterintuitive, it is accomplished primarily by deploying a diversification strategy. Astute financial advisors build client portfolios that consist of a range of securities that at very least differ by type of instrument, industry, and geography in order to achieve optimal diversification.

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Posted by Brightspark on Oct 26, 2016

Last Friday, Managing Partner Mark was part of a panel of experts on the weekly #StartupChat.

Despite technical difficulties due to the now infamous DDOS attack, the chat was a great opportunity to connect with fellow investors and entrepreneurs and discuss the fundamentals of funding for startups.

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Posted by Mark Skapinker on Oct 06, 2016

As an investor, you do whatever you can to make sure that you never have that “oh, shit.” board meeting soon after you make a new investment. You know what I’m talking about — that meeting when you learn something you hadn’t realized before and say “Oh shit… did I really just make this investment?!”

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Posted by Brightspark on Oct 06, 2016

In case you missed it, here is the content of our October 2016 newsletter, including portoflio highlights, event recaps and educational resources.

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Posted by Jonathan Latsky on Aug 29, 2016

There is, indeed, an equity crowdfunding tsunami. This idea of creating an online space where entrepreneurs and investors can meet and transact is quite the hot topic, and new platforms — Kickstarters with an equity twist — are popping up like spring flowers.

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Posted by Brightspark on Aug 29, 2016

In over 15 years of investing in venture capital, we’ve developed a serious flair for finding and growing the very best early-stage companies in Canada.

At Brightspark, we invest in people first. We partner with founders that are...

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Posted by Brightspark on Jul 21, 2016

Brightspark Ventures, known for its successful track record of investing in early stage tech companies, has recently opened its doors to Canadian accredited investors. Their innovative model- the first of its kind in Canada- assembles a community of accredited investors providing exclusive access to curated investment opportunities...

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