A Look at the Impact we had in 2017

Posted by Brightspark on Dec 12, 2017

What a year it's been! We are thrilled with both our portfolio and Brightspark's own growth.

It was a year for important milestones - including growing our network to over 2,500 individuals, as well as a $6m financing into Brightspark.

Here is a look at some of the impact we had in 2017:

The companies in our portfolio raised close to $30M in capital (Brightspark’s contribution was $7.5M)

Hubba enabled 25,000+ local brands to get their products discovered by retail buyers

Hopper helped more than 800,000 travellers explore the world without breaking their wallet

Classcraft helped 27,000+ teachers engage with students to make them love school

nGUVU brightened more than 20,000 call center agents’ days

gShift's platform provided insights and intelligence for over 10,000 brands in 22 countries

Wysdom improved thousands of customers’ experiences, responding to inquiries with a 97.5% precision rate

Nudge Rewards engaged and empowered 25,000+ frontline employees

Nano Magnetics pushed the limits of mobile hardware, creating a more connected world

AdHawk got ready to ship tech that will revolutionize VR and other industries by anticipating the emotional state of people

...And while it's important to reflect on the year, we're most excited about the future and what's ahead (we are VCs, after all!). As we continue our mission to democratize venture capital, we remain thrilled with the quality of the investment opportunities in Canada and the appetite that individual investors have to participate.

Here's to a spetacular 2018!

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