Tony Davis

Tony Davis is a Founding Partner at Brightspark. He brings our portfolio companies the benefit of decades of deep experience. Tony embodies the definition of innovation, and technology driven companies.

Tony Davis has more than 25 years of software engineering, he is well known for inventing and creating the WinFax PRO communication system, the major offering of Delrina Corporation.  In 1996, he founded Lanacom Inc., an Internet company subsequently acquired by BackWeb Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: BWEB). In 1998, Tony co-founded Delano Technology Corp. to bring to market the industry's first e-mail application server.  Tony was co-founder of Brightspark in 1999 where he was a Managing Partner for 12 years, and was also co-CEO of Brightspark 3.0, an Internet company developing Internet solutions leading to the creation and growth of and, where he serves as CEO.