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Nudge Rewards

Nudge Rewards provides a powerful platform that harnesses the power of smartphones, habits and an analytics back-end to streamline communication and employee engagement in large or decentralized workforces.

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nGUVU offers cloud based gamification software that engages and motivates contact center agents.

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gShift is an all-in-one SEO, social and content analytics and reporting platform, which enables digital agencies and brand marketing professionals to make better informed, data-driven decisions. Track content-level metrics from hyper-local and mobile through to global perspectives for both a brand and its competitors.

gShift provides valuable insights on keyword research including Not Provided, content marketing performance, social signals, brand and competitor backlinks, global/local/mobile keyword positioning, social keyword tracking and content optimization. Custom dashboards can be configured for quick access to prioritized data for CMOs, power users and anyone in between. Automated web presence reporting enables marketers to obtain detailed historical data on a brand’s web presence, competitive comparison social and content metrics directly in their inbox.

gShift was founded in 2009 by Krista LaRiviere and Chris Adams whose vision it is to standardize, demystify and simplify the organic search optimization process. They are seeking to change the way people think of and perform organic search optimization.

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Nano Magnetics

Nanoport has developed the Nanoport “Magnetic Device Connector”. The Nanoport is a magnetic connector that allows wire-free data and power transfer between devices as well as a physical hold between devices.

The Nanoport’s magnetic features can hold and align devices to each other allowing data and power transfer like USB, but without the need of cables.

The potential for this technology is to create exciting new ways to connect peripherals to smartphones, tablets and wearables. The Nanoport follows USB standards (which include data and power), and the form-factor opens new possibilities for very exciting ways to connect peripherals without a physical plug.

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Hubba is a Brand Management Platform that fixes the game of broken telephone between brands, retailers and consumers and ensures that the right message gets to into the hands of the right consumers, right at the moment of purchase decision.

It is an early stage software company based in Toronto.

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Multicore chips are the power behind smart phones, tablets, PCs, servers, and cloud environments, with a corresponding increase in the amount of memory and I/O.  But as the number of cores continues to increase, it becomes harder to deliver a system’s power to the applications that need it.  This leads to wasted resources and higher costs. Using an innovative Micro-Virtualization technology, eXludus solves that problem by providing the means to accurately sense, control, and optimize overall performance according to policies and events.  All without any changes to applications or operating systems.

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Grapple Mobile

Grapple works in partnership with the world’s leading brands to deliver commercially effective mobile innovation, brought to life with award-winning design & development.

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Protecode is a Canadian technology company that focuses on software Intellectual Property (IP) determination and software Bill of Materials (BOM) management. Fully integrated with the leading software development environments, Protecode Inc. is addressing IP integrity issues facing enterprises and software developers worldwide. Protecode is the innovator of the protecoding development methodology

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Radian 6

Radian6 provides social media monitoring solutions that uniquely integrate viral behavior measurement capabilities. Its solutions enable corporations as well as the public relations, marketing and advertising agencies that service them to monitor, manage and effectively engage in social media conversations online.

In March, 2011, Radian6 was acquired by (NASDAQ: CRM), the enterprise cloud computing company, for over $326 million.

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NowPublic is a participatory news network which mobilizes an army of reporters to cover the events that define our world. In twelve short months, the company has become one of the fastest growing news organizations with over 15,000 reporters in 130 countries and over 2 million unique visits a month. During Hurricane Katrina, NowPublic had more reporters in the affected area than most news organizations have on their entire staff.
In September, 2009, NowPublic was acquired by, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Corporation.

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Jazinga is focused on providing small businesses with communication solutions that just work. Jazinga has combined networking, an enterprise-quality phone system, e-mail and fax into a single affordable appliance. Simply plug it in and follow the easy setup instructions to enjoy all of the benefits of enterprise communications without the cost or complexity. Jazinga solutions package VoIP, PSTN, IP-PBX, E-mail, Fax, Linux, LAN and wireless networking technology into a single plug and play solution for small business and home use. Jazinga products are targeted at organizations with 1 to 25 users.

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B5 Media

b5media Inc. is one of the fastest growing blog networks in the world, featuring a wide variety of topics ranging from entertainment and lifestyles to sports and technology. With a diverse network of passionate, insightful bloggers, b5media’s mission is to enable conversations and foster communities around shared interests by producing exceptional, timely content across both niche topics and mainstream headlines. b5media is based in Toronto.

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Think dynamics

Think Dynamics develops software that automates the management of data center resources, enabling senior IT executives to reduce costs, improve service levels, increase business/IT alignment and enhance business agility. From complete automated application provisioning through to utility computing – Think Dynamics offers a comprehensive suite of applications to tackle today’s toughest IT challenges. Think Dynamics is headquartered in Toronto and with offices in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco.Our initial investment in Think Dynamics was made in September 2000.

In May, 2003 Think Dynamics was acquired by IBM (NYSE: IBM) winning Brightspark the CVCA“Deal of the Year” award

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Hopper is developing a website for consumer travel discovery. Its travel-oriented search engine allows users to discover destinations and products using only keywords.

Hopper is applying cluster computing techniques to build the world's largest database of travel information. The company is using Machine Learning, NoSQL databases and Big Data processing to transform raw web pages into structured and organized information, enabling a faster, more complete, and more flexible search than traditional travel sites.

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Sabse Technologies Inc. is an innovative Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services Company.

Sabse Technologies is led by entrepreneurs Yogesh Patel, who serves as CEO, and Sabeer Bhatia, its Chairman. The company has combined a robust infrastructure and enhanced voice services set - including mobile VoIP, Hosted PBX and audio conferencing - into a market-leading telephony-as-a-service (TAAS) platform that its partners around the world are deploying to improve ARPU and customer retention.

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Siperian, Inc. offers a powerful solution for comprehensive customer data integration and management. Leveraging its unique hybrid, neutral approach, Siperian Hub™ enables IT teams to build and manage the most trustworthy customer data hub that delivers unified, accurate customer views—across disparate data sources, applications and channels—to different business users in a timely fashion.

In January, 2010, Siperian was acquired by Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent leader in data integration software, for approximately $130 million in cash.

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Canada Post Border-Free

Founded in 1999, Borderfree is a technology services company based in Toronto, Canada that eliminates the difficulties experienced by U.S. merchants in serving consumers across borders. Borderfree provides a comprehensive suite of low-integration technology services including: total landed cost calculation in buyer’s local currency (exchange, duty, taxes, shipping costs), payment processing, management of crossborder data, returns processing, and customer service tools.

Related Successes

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Servicesoft Technologies Inc. ("Servicesoft") redefined Internet customer service with the industry’s only complete end-to-end solution. This comprehensive solution consisted of Web self-service, e-mail response, live interaction and knowledgebase technologies. Servicesoft “best of breed” products delivered a complete, intelligent Internet customer service solution. Major companies who relied on Servicesoft technology included Xerox, Wang Global, GTE, Intel, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Verio, and NB Tel.

In February 1999 Balisoft Technologies merged with ServiceSoft Corporation to form Servicesoft Technologies Inc. In December 2000 Servicesoft was acquired by Broadbase Software (NASDAQ:BBSW), now KANA (NASDAQ:KANA).

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WinFax. The most successful communication software of its time. Delrina shipped over 40 million copies of WinFax. Everyone who used a computer in the early 90's remembers having WinFax on their computer. Delrina had a successful IPO on the TSE and Nasdaq, and was sold to Symantec in 2005 for over $450m.

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Jewlr is an industry leading online jewellery retailer specializing in personalised jewellery, family jewellery and fine jewellery. The company is made up of experts in jewellery design, jewellery manufacturing, customer service and Internet technologies.

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iStopOver Is Your #1 Source For Short Term Travel

They offer unique, affordable short term rentals with properties in more than 16,000 cities worldwide. You can stay in apartments, villas and even houseboats. The alternative to hotel stays, iStopOver offers a variety of holiday accommodation to suit every need and budget. Just browse listings, find a space, and book your trip with a host. They are widely recognized as the leaders in event-based accommodation. Whether it’s the World Cup, your favorite festival, or a work conference - they’ll find you accommodation that fits your needs at the right price!